Decoy is an Ability that may be known by one species of Pokémon.

User appears to be the same species as the foe.

In battleEdit

As a Pokémon with Decoy is sent out, it changes its appearance to mimic the opponent. The opponent's species, species name (if the Pokémon has no nickname), and gender are duplicated; otherwise, the regular attributes of the Pokémon are used. This effect is treated as if the Pokémon had a Substitute; breaking it will reveal the Pokémon's true nature. Any further Substitutes created after the Decoy is broken appear as normal.

If there is more than one opponent, Decoy mimics the opponent directly across from the Pokémon. If a Substitute is Baton Passed to a Pokémon with Decoy, the Ability does not take effect.

Outside of battleEdit

When a Pokémon with Decoy is leading the party, the wild Pokémon encounter rate is halved.

Pokémon with DecoyEdit

# Pokémon Types Normal Abilities Special Abilities
Fotolo Fotolo Steel Steel Decoy None Download None

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